SC is committed to providing the best team of experts in the area for industrial maintenance and equipment testing.

SC manufactures quality parts according to its clients’ specifications, thus avoiding unscheduled equipment stops and improving efficiency.

SC counts with a multidisciplinary team comprised of Engineers, Sea Professionals, Managers, Technicians, and specialized workshop staff, altogether providing its clients effective and innovative solutions.

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Our Vision

Our Vision

Be recognized as the leading company for equipment maintenance, fabrication, rectification, and parts testing.

Our Mission

Our Mission

Provide effective solutions, translated into reliability and profitability to our clients.


Holistic Project approach, constant review of international regulations, and new technologies allow Stella Corporation to provide innovative solutions to its clients.


SC strives to improve its strengths and capabilities to increase its customers’ profitability through efficient and added value solutions.


Project success and customer satisfaction is achieved thanks to periodical training of our staff, ensuring international standards based on IMO, OCIMF, ASTM, API, ICML, ANSI, BS, EN SAE and Classification Societies.

Why choose us

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Committed to Quality

It takes teamwork and a solid commitment to good communication, excellence, and industry best practices to serve a company in an excellent manner.


Quick Response and Superior Service

We provide superior service and response to our customers’ needs.


A Wide Spectrum Of Skills & Experience

From esay job to complete restore engineering – we’ve got it. And if there’s ever a problem we can’t solve, we know who to contact to get it fixed.


We are here for you

We tailor our services to meet your individual needs, and we work hard to provide the best results.


Our services are directed towards fabrication, machining, and testing of parts for industrial equipment and machinery, naval industry, construction, and automotive industry.

SC offers customized solutions to its clients’ needs, tailored to the specific maintenance required regardless of the stage/condition.

  • (Mechanical Workshop).
  • (Storage Facility).
  • (Diesel Engines Repair).
  • (Electrical System Repair).
  • (Machining and lathing)
  • (Valve repair, rebuild, and testing)
  • (Hydraulic testing of static equipment and pipes)
  • (In Shop or onboard rectification of the following Valve types: globe, control, retention, and safety with flat seats. Working ranges between DN 80 - 450 (3” to 18”).)
  • (In Shop or onboard rectification of the following Valve type: globe, and control with conical seats. Working ranges between DN 10 - 100 (3/8”- 4”) and inclination angles of 2x15 °, 2x30º, 2x45º)
  • (In Shop or onboard rectification of the following Valve type: gate, control, gate valve wedges and flanges with flat seats. Working ranges between DN 65 - 350 (2 1/2 ”- 14”), for gate valves, and working depth up to 700 mm.)
  • (Valve welding work and heat treatment)

(As part of our added value and thanks to the holistic and multidisciplinary perspective, we offer our customers maintenance management options so that your company never stops).


  1. (In situ assessment of equipment and components behavior)
  2. (Equipment performance analysis)
  3. (Pressure tests and adjustment of valve types: safety, gate, globe, ball, control)
  4. (maintenance plans to extend the life of lubricating fluids)
  5. (Maintenance plans for substrates with carbon iron alloys)
  6. (Equipment statistical evaluation for proper component replacement)
  7. (Supply, Procurement and logistics of original or generic parts according to customer specifications)
  8. (Maintenance Management design based on statistical analysis of equipment and components behavior)
  9. (Equipment and components wear analysis)
  10. .(Systematic evaluation of equipment for overhaul and/or extension of life comparing manufacturer lines and wear behavior)
  11. .(Electrical and rotating equipment insipient failure analysis)
  12. .(Iron-carbon alloy materials non-destructive evaluations)
The diversification of our company also allows us to offer
  • Sale and Rental of Oil and Bunkers Transfer (STS) Equipment
  • (Bunkering Equipment (STS) technical services and maintenance).
  • (Industrial cleaning)
  • (Industrial maintenance and assembly equipment supply and services)
  • (Engineering and consulting)