SC is committed to providing the best team of experts in the area for industrial maintenance and equipment testing.

SC manufactures quality parts according to its clients’ specifications, thus avoiding unscheduled equipment stops and improving efficiency. 

SC counts with a multidisciplinary team comprised of Engineers, Sea Professionals, Managers, Technicians, and specialized workshop staff, altogether providing its clients effective and innovative solutions. 



Be recognized as the leading company for equipment maintenance, fabrication, rectification, and parts testing.



Provide effective solutions, translated into reliability and profitability to our clients. 



  • INTEGRITY To Act with honesty and dedication to service)
  • HOLISTIC AND CRITICAL THINKING (To Analyze the problem and its environment to determine effective strategies to satisfy our customers)
  • EFFECTIVE EMPOWERMENT  (Continuous improvement of our employees to produce accurate and low-cost solutions for our customers)
  • MANAGEMENT (An ideal statistical Administration of our own resources and our clients)
  • COMMITMENT (To Provide the constant improvement of our human talent)